Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 5 Results Recap: One More Hopeful Goes Down

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After a particularly long introductory montage, Ryan Seacrest kicked off the Idol results show this week, announcing that 60 Million votes were cast on Wednesday for this week’s performances.  After some quick bantering with the judges, the Idols did their weekly group number to “Happy Together.”  I can honestly say that I’ve heard better renditions of that song in my living room, enthusiastically performed by my 5 and 6 year-old daughters.  Thankfully, it was short.  It actually made the Ford music video that followed sound pretty good by comparison.  Lady Antebellum performed next, and showed the Idols how it’s done.

Ryan continued to promise us results, but we were 23 minutes into the 60-minute show, and still no closer to knowing who would go home.  Finally, at the 26-minute mark, Ryan sent James to a remote corner of the stage.  Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be….the next victim was Lauren, who was sent to a different region on the vast Idol stage…oh, the drama! 

After some shameless promotion Fox’s upcoming season of Hell’s Kitchen, JLo and her extensions performed her new club hit, dressed in a blinged-out version of MC Hammer’s pants from 1992.   Her performance frightened me on many levels, but my kids liked it and my husband tried to pretend he wasn’t desperately hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.  Don’t worry – I’m onto him.

Finally we were back to the results and learned of Jacob’s fate – sort of.  He was sent to join Lauren.  A now very unhappy Lauren now, I’ll add.  Next, we saw Haley join James, in what I can only hope is the “safe” group.  That left Scotty, who joined Haley and James in what Ryan finally revealed as the TOP 3.  So, the bottom 2 were Jacob and Lauren, and then we learned that the road ended this week for Jacob. 

While I give props to Ryan for trying to add some drama this week to the results, I don’t think anyone was surprised by this, right?  In my humble opinion, he should have gone home a couple of weeks ago.   I admire all the contestants for all their hard work and the courage to follow their dreams, but I won’t shed any tears about not hearing Jacob’s crazy overdone vocal gymnastics anymore.  Sorry big guy!  

Check out FOX ( for more recap information and details about the Top 4 Performance Show next week.  Only 3 more weeks to go before we crown the first Idol not blessed by Simon Cowell!  It should be interesting- be sure to tune in.

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