Monday, May 16, 2011

Vegas Weighs In On American Idol Finals

Sorry I missed posting last week.  What a week in idol!  James???!!  

It was a very busy week for me at home and work and I had planned to take one day off, then Blogger went down for an extended period of time and just completely wrecked any posting plans I did have! Who is more reliable than Google?  Both surprising and disappointing.  I only hope whatever they were patching or upgrading is now fixed for good.

Anyway, I received some info today from a source in Vegas who does sports publicity.  He shared the latest Vegas odds on who will win Idol Season 10, courtesy of Bodog.  Here you go:

Odds to Win American Idol Season 10           
Scott McCreery                         1/2
Haley Reinhart                           7/2
Lauren Alaina                            7/2

Surprising, right?  Now obviously, this isn't an exact science, but truth often follows money so I found it interesting on many fronts.  First off, while Haley's trajectory seems to be improving, I still see a TON of negative chatter about her on the blogs and in other social media outlets.  I am surprised to see her tied with Lauren, who seems to be on a bit of a downward spiral.  I did expect Haley to get a bit of a bump due to Lauren and Scotty splitting the Country Contingent voting bloc.... I definitely did not expect to see such a dramatic spread between Scotty and the other two Idols.

This week's performance show will feature recaps of the Idols hometown visits.  Each Idol will also perform 3 songs: one chosen by Jimmy I.o.vine, one chosen by the Pep Squad (aka, the Judges' Panel), and one more chosen by the Idols themselves.  What do you think we'll hear?  What do you think about the Vegas odds?  Stay tuned for the week ahead!  
Photos: Fox.

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