Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 12 Girls Perform

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Were those really the Top 12 female singers in America?  I find that dubious at best.   Wednesday night, Fox aired the Top 12 Girls; you can check out a recap here:    So, let’s get down to business on this latest crop of Idolettes.  The line between the good and the should-have-tried-out-for-Top-Model is pretty clear here to me. 

The judges were of course back in rare form last night too! Madame Lopez was dressed like a backup singer in a 1975 Elton John Concert (with the Farrah hair to match!) and Steven Tyler seemed to grow a few extra feathers in his mane.  What are those things?  Randy continues with his “Mean Guys” tour this year, taking Simon’s place as the judge who’s job it is to put these kids in their place when he’s “not feeling it” (which seems to be the new “pitchy”).  All in all, I’d have to admit that he went really soft on most of the gals, but it was clear who all the judges thought would be around in the coming weeks for them to build some rapport with, and who they could dismiss pretty readily.  

As for the actual singing, and who is likely to stick around…Pia, “I’ll Stand By You” for sure!  Somehow, you weren’t on my radar until now.  My bad! You really brought it last night and wrapped up the otherwise-flat show in style.  I hope you’re not a one trick pony, but I’m sure you’ll stick around long enough for us to find out – you’re safe. For me, the only other passable performances were from Thia Megia, Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina, Karen Rodriguez, Lauren Turner, and Kendra Chantelle.  That’s a total of 7 gals, so my guess is that Pia, Thia, and Lauren A. will be safe, with Haley and Kendra in a nail biter ending in tears for at least one of the blue-eyed soul sisters. Then the judges will save either Lauren T. (who does also remind me of Bette Midler, but sadly of a 50-year old version of the Divine Miss M.), or Karen Rodriguez (I think we know which one Jennifer will vote for!)  I don’t even know where to start with just how bad Rachel Zevita was. She was channeling Dita Von Teese, if Dita were trying out for Broadway!  Naima Adedapo really did sound like a lounge singer, and a so-so one at that, plus she looked a bit like Carmen Miranda, which cannot help at this stage.  She’d really benefit from the Idol Stylists who get their hands on the contestants once we whittle down to the Top 12.  Alas, she probably won’t get that chance.   How sad was it to hear Julie Zorrilla open her mouth, when she LOOKED so predictably gorgeous.  Bad song choice Julie – you should know better than to take on Kelly Clarkson at this part of the competition.  Ta-Tynisa Wilson was at her leggy best, but just flat-out abysmal (as well as flat), and I wasn’t feeling Ashton Jones, the Diva-in-Training, last night either.  That said, Ashton is the only true R&B singer in the bunch so she may stick around and upset someone.  That would mean curtains for both of the R&B wannabe’s – Kendra and Haley - or the kiss of death for Lauren T.

Tonight Fox airs the Elimination Show and we’ll find out or sure who the Top 5 Boys, Top 5 Girls and 2 Judges’ Wild Card picks will be.  Hopefully, we’ll get some silly Seacrest banter and at least one mock-able group number featuring all of the Top 24!

Be sure to check back next week for my Idol soapbox report.

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