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Top 6 Results Show....Idol says Adieu to One more Contestant

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Idol kicked off on Thursday night as usual, with the Idols all lined up and Ryan telling us how hard it is to let someone go and teasing us that “A lot of fans are going to be disappointed with the nights’ results” ….Oh, the tension.  JLo looked lovely in red, Steven Tyler was dressed as someone going to a Halloween party…as Steve Tyler, and Randy was wearing some sort of high tech pocket protector that I still haven’t figured out.  The judges have stylists, right?  I think someone’s asleep at the wheel.

Now, back to the music, which kicked off with an especially long (and particularly bad) medley of the idols singing Carole King songs in what I’m sure was meant to be an homage to the songwriting icon.  After a short break, this was followed by yet another Ford commercial featuring the idols, this one to  “Our House” by Madness.  Again, does this stuff really sell any Fords? Finally, we got some real music with Crystal Bowersox performing one of her latest. For those or is who loved her last season, she didn’t disappoint at all.  Her band rocked it out too. 

We were further teased before the actual results with some Q&A for the Idols from their biggest fans.  I guess they’ve got to fill up the hour somehow. Each Idol was brought to center stage for a recap of their last night’s performance, together with the individual judges’ comments, and Iovine’s take.  Haley was the first victim, and she was safe.  Our next victim was Scotty, who was also…oh snap!  He was sent back to the couch and we had to wait to hear his results – such intrigue!

Lauren was called up to center stage next, and was then promptly sent back to the waiting couch with Scotty.  Casey was put through the vices next and although Iovine predicted he’d be safe, he also told him definitively to stop that crazy growling.  Here, Here Jimmy!   I think we’re all pretty done with that by now, right?  Ok, in spite of Jimmy Iovine’s prediction of safety for Casey, he was also sent to the waiting couch with Lauren and Scotty.  Is this the Bottom 3?  It’s all too confusing to me.

James was then called up to see Seacrest and we learned that he’s safe with Haley. 
That leaves Jacob, who is joined on the stage by the 3 on the couch, and we were told that Lauren is safe.  They went to commercial break pretty quickly, but this means that Jacob, Scotty, and Casey must be the Bottom three this week. 

Before the final results, the incredibly likeable Bruno Mars sang a new incredibly likeable song.  Now, that’s a pop star – take note Idols!  His incredibly large band sounds great too – it looks like the entire population of some small island….what fun!  But then it was time for the fun to end, at least for one of the Idols.  First, we learned that Jacob’s safe – uh oh!  That means that either Casey or Scotty has had their swan song.  So we’re told that it was Casey’s week to go, but he didn’t seem nearly as broken up or surprised as Randy did.  He went out with “I Put a Spell On You,” and had as much fun with his exit song as I’ve ever seen on the show.

I’m a little bummed because I’m a fan, but I can’t say that I’m too surprised. I think Casey’s jazz focus is not the stuff that pop dreams are made if, and his weird angry growling was getting a little old. He was always creative and fun to watch though, and for that, I’ll miss him.      

We’re down to the Top 5 with only a few more weeks to go….and Jacob is STILL hanging on!  Does he have like 10 fans that just vote nonstop or is it possible that he really has untold legions of sadly tone-deaf fans?  I just don’t get it at all, but I can’t wait to see what happens!

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