Friday, April 15, 2011

Top 8 Results Show Recap

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It’s country night on Idol….Oh wait, no it’s not, I’s just Lauren and Scotty opening up the results show with a country duet.  Tonight we find out who goes home after Wednesday evening’s movie soundtrack performances.  I thought it was a rocky night for many of the Idols so we’ll see how this goes down.  We’re also served up a heaping of Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson for good measure.

Ryan tells is it was a big week for voting, which is no surprise given Pia’s somewhat shocking exodus.  Surprise eliminations always seem to drive large voting numbers.

I’m looking forward to getting some results but first we hear Casey and Haley do a jazzy throwback duet, which while not my taste in music, does a surprisingly good job of highlighting both of their strengths.  The newly crowned “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” and her 2 co-judges give them a standing ovation and love it.  Too bad that neither of them did as well last night (at least not in my humble opinion).  But, now we’re down to business and all set learn the fate of Casey, Haley, Scotty and Lauren.   First, we learn that Scotty is safe, as is Lauren.  Did anyone NOT already know that?  We then learn that Casey’s ascot and jazzy approach to the movie song list was a winner with voters and that Haley is the one in the bottom three.

The Idols have some good fun with Rob Reiner, who called Casey “Seth Rogan’s bass-playing, younger brother.”  Is Rob Reiner reading my blog?  Uncanny!  Then, there’s a surprisingly good country duet (“Don’t You Wanna Stay?”) between Kelly Clarkson and some cowboy-hat wearing singer I don’t recognize.  I believe his name is Jason.  I really need to pay more attention.  This is followed by the 4 of the remaining Idols, Paul, James, Stefano and Jacob, doing a medley of Simon and Garfunkel.  Something is wrong with the sound apparently, which is too bad because they sound great!  Even Jacob doesn’t annoy me and in that medium, Paul cannot move around as much as usual.  I like it!

But, now according to Ryan, we have to face the fire…the four impromptu band members receive their fates, and while James is safe, Stefano is in the Bottom Three. That leaves us with Jacob and Paul, with Paul rounding out the Bottom, and Jacob surely praising the heavens above for his good fortune. 

So who will it be?  Haley, Stefano or Paul? I’m anxious to find out but first we have to sit through Rihanna performing her latest.  It’s not bad, but I’m distracted by her bozo-red hair and cirque du soleil-style back-up dancers. 

Ryan reminds us that only girls have gone home this season and teases us that Haley will follow in their footsteps.  But – she is safe!  One of the Idol heartthrobs is going home.  Will it be Paul or Stefano?  It turns out that it is Paul’s week to go home.   The rose-embroidered suit was perhaps not quite as lucky as he has hoped.  My theory is that the cougars just didn’t vote as much as the teeny-boppers this week.  What do you think?  I think Stefano should not get too comfortable.

It’s a sad departure, with Paul and JLo both tearing up.  I know a lot of my friends are sad too – Paul seemed to have a big fan base in the over-40-female demographic.  Personally, I really liked him during auditions and Hollywood week, but he has not been a favorite of mine throughout the performance weeks.  I hope I don’t get my cougar card pulled for saying so!  I wish him well and I’m certain he’ll have some sort of recording career. I definitely look forward to seeing what mayhem ensues next week; stay tuned to Fox for more news and a heads-up on next week’s theme:


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