Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top 7 Results Recap....Goodbye to One More Idol!

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Who went home this week on Idol?  That was the big question on everyone’s mind on Thursday night for sure.  The talent this year is relatively strong, and this week, like many others this season, was a tough one to predict.  I’m not at all confident about my picks from last night to be honest.  The show started off with some group performances by the Idols, which were far less impressive than Wednesday’s solo efforts, and some gentle ribbing of Jacob, who the group proclaimed a “Diva.”  Then, fairly quickly we were on to the actual results.  Here’s how it went down…

Casey and Jacob were the first to receive judgment, and we learned that while Casey is safe, Jacob was sent to the seats of shame and landed in the bottom 3.   Even my 6 year old, who loves everyone on the show, thought that was the right choice.     

David Cook, the Season 7 winner, debuted his first single from his latest album.  I was a huge fan of his the year he won, but thought his performance on the show was pretty weak, and in the current season, would not have gotten him past the first few weeks.

Next, we were given a glimpse into the lifestyles of the Idols, which apparently includes loads of spa treatments, bowling, and baseball games.  I want in!  Right after they were reminded how incredible their lives had become, three more Idols were called to learn of their fate and possible departure.  Oh those Idol producers are so cruel!  Lauren, James, and Stefano were then called to center stage and we find that Stefano joins Jacob in the Bottom 3.

It was time for the remaining Idols, Scotty and Haley, to pay the piper.  I wasn’t too surprised to hear that Haley rounded out the Bottom 3, and Scotty was sent back to safety.  Almost immediately however, before Haley could even get over to the seats of doom, she was sent back to the glorious couch with Lauren, James, Casey and Scotty.  It seemed like they didn’t want the audience to get too comfortable with her in the bottom yet again?  But maybe that was just the wine talking…

It’s all down to Jacob and Stefano, but before we could find out who’s dream was ending, we had to endure some new song about aliens by Katy Perry and Kanye West. Maybe we could vote Katy Perry off?  Normally, I’d love that, but to be honest, I’m pretty much over Stefano and Jacob and won’t shed too many tears for the departure of either one.

With 52 million votes cast this week, Stefano apparently didn’t garner enough support from America’s teenaged voting public to make it another week.  He did not seem surprised and there was no false remorse or shock expressed by the judges either. His final song didn’t do anything to make me think twice either.  Sorry Stefano!  Jacob – consider yourself lucky….and on notice!

Just before the show closed, King Ryan shared that next week, the Top 6 would be doing the songs of Carole King.  What an amazing songbook for the remaining youngsters.  I can’t wait to hear what they do!  Stay tuned to FOX for more information on next week’s show, and video of this week’s performances (

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